Experience the Mystique


  • “I cannot thank you enough for everything you did today making Jorge and Kara’s wedding so beautiful and magical! I thank God for meeting you …You are so talented at handpanning…”

    – Karen Campanelli, Mother of the Bride

  • “I just want to say how enjoyable the presentation was – especially engaging the folks with their questions and Tony’s answers and personal testimony.  It was a fascinating and unique presentation of an unusual instrument – the Handpan – coupled with a very interesting and personal interaction with Tony.  The very pleasing sounds & rhythms that Tony creates with his hands (hence the name, Handpan) are truly amazing!”

    – Hib Wiedenkeller, Retired Music Department Chairman, Milwaukee Lutheran High School

  • “Tony did a wonderful job engaging the audience and it was great to see them come up to experience the “feel” of the handpan!! Tony’s Spirit is so intertwined with the music and it was such an intriguing mixture of sounds and very soothing.”

    – Geri Murtaugh, Steeple View Community,  Life Enrichment Coordinator

  • “THANK YOU so much again…the audience responded with open arms. They loved the music, had great questions and were very eager to learn more. Everyone left with smiles and cannot wait until Tony comes back. It was a great experience for all. Thank you Tony”

    – Shari Garza, Community Activities Coordinator

The story…

In the 7th grade Tony Meister inherited an old Slingerland drumset from a relative and started playing drums at the age of 12. His passion for music eventually led him to the guitar and other percussion instruments over the years. However, nothing compared to the mysterious sound of the handpan.

The handpan is a vibrating instrument with various tonal fields that mesmerizes the listener. After seeing a viral video of Sam Maher, Tony was ignited and the pursuit of a handpan began. The handpan gives off a sound that cannot be slotted easily into any specific category of instrumentation. The ancient, yet familiar sound captivates and leads one to believe it was originated in a Far East region such as India or Asia. However, it is a modern instrument developed in 2001 in Bern, Switzerland. High demand and low supply of the instrument has not only created high prices, but has made it challenging to find a quality maker. Fortunately Tony was able to connect with Isthmus Instruments who creates these instruments with care and precision. Their heat treatment process creates a unique blue color that symbolizes the rare beauty and sound of the instrument.

“Sing unto Him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise.”Psalm 33:3
  • Weddings

  • Corporate

  • Special Events

Set the atmosphere.

Whether you are planning an intimate or extravagant affair, Tony’s musicianship will leave an unforgettable impression. The handpan has a dramatic, yet smooth sound, evoking a mystique like no other instrument. In addition to wedding performances, Tony provides entertainment for corporate and celebratory occasions. His repertoire and ability to improvise works well in therapeutic settings and offers a peaceful atmosphere at funerals.

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Critically acclaimed.

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